We provide regulation 261/2004 intelligence

Every year, claims pursuant to regulation (EC) 261/2004 exceed a total value of 1 billion euro. Lawyers, insurance companies and airlines europewide spend thousands of hours in both scoring and litigation.

autopilot:261 utilizes big data and technology to score claims and support court proceedings. It deliveres highly acurate analysis backed by millions of data points while decreasing efforts from hours to milliseconds.

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50,000 Covered flights every day
100,000 Daily analyzed data points
>20% More accuracy
>80% Total effort decrease


autopilot:261 uniquely combines big data with deep legal know-how and makes available in seconds, what lawyers takes hours. It provides insurance companies, airlines, flight compensation companies and other industry participants with a comprehensive and reliable basis of decision-making.

Disruption detection

We analyze flights records towards eligible disruptions and provide important factual information about flight and surroundings.

Legal analysis

Considerating latest major judgements, our legal analysis includes an applicability check, relevant forums, extraordinary circumstance detection and other risk-assessing factors.

Individual business rules

Individual business rules can be applied to any report, for instance in terms of allowed jurisdictions, extraordinary circumstance risk values or disruption types.


Besides individual reporting, our database may be queried through REST:API, allowing fast and easy integration and report delivery as a matter of seconds.

"With autopilot:261, we achieved a 80% decrease of time and thus costs to score claims pursuant to regulation 261/2004. Moreover, the in-depth analysis appeared to be a prerequisite to the success of many ligations, saving hours of research and supplying us with vital information needed to file necessary evidence to the court."Dr. Thomas Durchlaub, MBA, Rechtsanwalt, Mediator, haas und partner
autopilot:261 Legal Services

Full-service from scoring to litigation

autopilot:261 operates at the junction between claim scoring an enforcement. It is fully integrated with a leading law firm, designed to seemlessly handle cases from initial analysis until final settlement in court.

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